Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's March. I have a shit-ton of stuff on my plate. I got a new puppy. When you have a shit-ton of stuff on your plate, puppies are like gravy...it gets on everything, but you're always glad it's there. I once ate a gravy-topped omelet. It was pretty great.

Have you heard the Carolina Chocolate Drops? A heard them on the radio yesterday and when she came home we downloaded their new record (Genuine Negro Jig). I know it's almost a right of passage these days for folk bands to cover hip-hop tunes, but CCD's version of "Hit'em Up Style," is sick. Vocals-beatbox-and-violin-only sick...

I've been reading everything Oppen these days, it started as class assignments, but has since become something else...that truth is possible in Language, not necessarily in it's representations, but in that liminal space between speaker and receptor...plus, I'm pretty sure George Oppen would have been the greatest uncle ever.

Don't forget to order the brand-new and totally amazing Eric Baus chapbook, "Bee-Stung Aviary," here.

JMW is reading with GC Waldrep tomorrow night at Prairie Lights (7pm). Did you know Waldrep was Amish? I had no idea...how stoked to you suppose he was to be published in DIAGRAM...or Blackbird, for that matter.

I have 20+ books I must read before I'm allowing myself to buy any more books. Will it get done by AWP...stay tuned.


Anonymous Donor said...
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Anonymous Donor said...

BeeeeJ, I also heard the Carolina Chocolate Drops on the radio yesterday and then immediately forgot their name once a certain partner of mine suggested that Suicide Snowflake would make a great band name. It would not. And a twenty minute argument ensued about whether the inclusion of Snowflake in any band name would be a pro or a con (clearly, the correct answer is: con), by which time the band name was lost on both of us. Grazie.

Poetry + great music make me a happy reader.