Monday, September 21, 2009

Here are a few things I've been doing and/or want to do instead of reading more French poetics:
  • Nate Slawson has a chapbook and it is the most fun thing I've done today.
  • Issue #3 of FOU is up, though a little hard to navigate through...there are no names on the lilly pads and you have no idea whose poetry you've just clicked on, which I'll admit is, in turns, both exciting and time consuming (if you'd much rather be reading someone else).
  • Next Wednesday Kate Greenstreet and Elizabeth Robinson are reading at Prairie Lights, I'm seriously considering canceling class for this one...worth it, totally. What if I gave the students a chance to make-up an absence by going to it? Yea/neigh?
  • The very next night I'm going to see Wilco, which, currently, is a band I've only heard (they were playing at the Pritzker in Chicago and I sat nearby and listened.
My spider bites have turned scabby and occasionally bloody, but then they usually just go scabby again.

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