Thursday, May 21, 2009

What the Heck Elk!

  1. Last Friday I bought Bob Dylan's new record, watched Bob Dylan: No Direction Home and then when that was over turned on PBS only to find Bob Dylan's Newport performances.
  2. All three of those things led to me talking like Bob Dylan for two whole days...
  3. Bob Dylan's, "Together Through Life," is an okay Bob Dylan record, but a great anyone else record. It reminds me of state fairs, or old theme parks in's dirty, stinky and falling apart, but you're totally glad you came.
  4. Today I started packing, I packed up Further Adventures...all of it. I have two books left, so if you wanted one, buy it now.
  5. When I was home for my grandpa's funeral, it was like a summer vacation appetizer; we grilled, drank beer and let the dog run free. It was hard to come back to work, especially for the dog.
  6. This is a big month for open manuscript readings. Do you have one ready? Send it off...
  7. One of the things I love about Bob Dylan is the fact that he used to buy people leather jackets to convince them to do stuff he wanted he wanted to do.

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