Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Be inspired to whisper in your own projection booth

Joshua Marie Wilkinson has had a shit-ton of books released this year; this one, this one, this one, and not the least of which is this one, out on a little press close to my heart called further adventures. But now comes his third full-length, from Tupelo, The Book of Whispering in the Projection Booth.

I have a tendency to gush on JMW quite often and have been forcing his books on my friends and co-workers for years, but I can say with complete seriousness that I have never met anyone who is as willing to give to the community as much as he is willing to take from it. The guy runs a lit mag, two small presses and a reading series, and let us not forget he teaches as well. If you love poetry at all, this is the kind of life you should aspire to...and to help Josh live his version of it, buy this book.

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