Monday, July 14, 2008

I drew this a few months ago when I had nothing to do at work. I'm showing this to you now to help me tell you about all the exciting news happening over at Octopus Books, that is, on the off chance you don't already know... Julie Doxsee's book, "Undersleep" is ready to ship for a mere $12. Also coming up here in a few weeks, during the month of August, Octopus Magazine is reading that...down. To also, Julie will be touring the US of A during that same month, so keep your ears open. Not only is she great, but she's reading with a bunch of awesome folks as well.

Other news, Small Fires Press has just released what I'm told will be the first in a line of comics/graphic stories. It's called, "Cob Webs." It's written and illustrated by Laura Swan and it looks great. Get it here:

In more personal news, I know I promised to have a book for you by now, but funds are little tight (vacation+not working=no book). I wanted to tell you though, that as soon as I have money to print, you'll have a kick-ass book to read.

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