Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Contents of Which are Very, Very Funny

Went to the used book shop today. Justin Marks, Joyelle McSweeney, Ezra Pound and the book you see above. I'd grabbed more, but these were the only ones I didn't already own. I have a thing about buying used books I have. It makes me sad to think that someone didn't love them like I do...and if I take them home they could see.

I also used to put my favorite toys under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve so I wouldn't forget them the next morning.

Speaking of favorites, have you ever listened to Dylan's "Shot of Love?" You don't hear it too often, but it's real good. People will tell you how bad the lyrics are. About evangelism and what not. You don't listen to these people. You just listen to the harmonic landscape of this record.

Is it bad to say that I've never been a fan of Bob Dylan lyrics? At all? Ever?

Did you see that Action Books has a few new titles out? New Zurita translations and new Abe Smith. It's because of Daniel Borzutzky reading some of his translations at a Series A a few years ago that I fell hard for RZ. Abe Smith is just Abe Smith. I don't know...I ordered them, well, the special actually. I figured, hey, free book. Right?

I'll be reading in Iowa City (at the Mill) on September 15th (I think). I want you to come. Real bad.

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