Monday, July 19, 2010

This is July and this is what happens then

On July 1st I left home, last night I got back. A lot of really great stuff happened, but it's become hard to remember it all. I know I was at camp for awhile. I think I almost got in a car accident in Minneapolis. I saw the sunrise once. I missed someone's wedding. I downloaded, like, 19 records from emusic. I started a gang fight. I made an 11-year old puke. I made myself puke. I ran out of clean clothes 3 days ago. I had to pull my dog of a dead snake...twice. I'm pretty sure I made many broad claims regarding things I know nothing about. I cried watching Sportcenter. I mourned for Harvey Pekar. I made payments by phone. I forgot to make my phone payment.

Some other stuff happened too, but now it's lunch time.

Have you seen the new penny yet?

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