Friday, February 19, 2010

I know this has become my standard excuse for not blogging, but we've been without internet...again. And once again, there was nothing I could do because it wasn't my internet. But no more! I'm officially a due-paying member of the internet society.

Anyway, I'm reading tonight (TONIGHT!) as part of the Anthology series here in Iowa City. The whole thing starts at 7pm and will be housed in the Foxhead (402 East Market). You should come, but leave the's gonna get real.

People of the City:

So Winter Keeps Happening. My Feet Are Frozen. I Have Lost My Mittens. What Are We Going To Do About The Olympics, Rather, Why Aren't We Better Ice Skaters. Who Will Help Me Find My Coat. I Have No Legs. Your Hair is Pretty But I Can't Go On. Children Need Apples The Way A Wall Needs Wallpaper. The Store Is Closed And So Far Away. So We Have To Keep Going And We Will Keep Going We Will Keep Going All The Way To Friday, When You Will Be Wooed And Undone By:


Sandra Allen
Callie Garnett
Emmalee Hunnicutt
Lisa Leaverton
BJ Love
Andrea Rosenberg
Colby Somerville
Kayla Soyer-Stein

Friday 2/19 7 pm Foxhead

Of course, I have a shit-ton more to tell you, but no time right now...

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