Monday, July 06, 2009

A few days ago my father-in-law found a machete at work in amongst some returned pallets from South America. He called it a knife. A friend of his swears there's blood stains on it. I carried it around all day yesterday. I think I like myself with a machete. Sometime, in the future, I want somebody to be talking about me and go, "You know B.J., right? The guy with the machete?"

These are things I've machete sliced:
  1. Large bottles of Mountain Dew (as seen in the video above)
  2. Apples being tossed in my general direction
  3. Empty cans
  4. Full cans
  5. A hedge my mother wanted trimmed
  6. A sign my mother no longer wanted
  7. A 1/2 inch tree limb that was looking at me funny
  8. Every reason I had to not own a machete
A few interesting machete facts:

  • Some tropical countries have a name for the blow of a machete; the Spanish machetazo is sometimes used in English.
  • After hardening, many blades are tempered to maximum toughness, often nearly spring tempered. This also makes the blade relatively easier to sharpen.

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